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Business retreats & mentorship

Mentoring Sessions + Business Retreats with Christy Nelson (owner of Makit Takit)

Why you should join me on a business retreat


Connect with other business owners to talk business, learn and grow. You may even leave with some new friends!

freedom from distractions

Get some time away from your home or office and the distractions that come with it so you have time to focus on your goals.

pays for itself

The time you spend working on your business in the company of others, is worth it! You save time, money, and come back to your business refreshed and reinvigorated.

business Retreats FAQ

why you should sign up for mentoring sessions

One-on-One coaching

With mentoring, we will be able to really dive deep into your business and goals. We can work at your pace and you have my full attention.

experienced advice

Bounce your ideas and brainstorm with someone who has creative business experience. There's nothing I love more than helping people turn their ideas into reality.

save time & money

Mentoring sessions are meant to get you on the fast track. I've spent hours and hours researching and studying. Let me pass along some wisdom to help you avoid some of the pitfalls.

Business Mentoring FAQ