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This product will be available for all-access attendees beginning July 1 and for a la carte class registration beginning July 5. 

ONE CHOICE ONLY per session. 


You must sign up for BOTH sessions THREE & FOUR

Alex Svoboda

Let's deep dive into the medicinal benefits of some common kitchen ingredients and culinary herbs. As were discussing strategies to stay healthy during the cold and flu season, participants will get to create their own jar of Fire Cider to take home.

This class will meet Saturday session three (2pm-3:30pm) and Saturday session four (4pm-5:30pm)

Makit Takit Craft CRAFT CAVE 4750 Normal Blvd



Heather Ladman

In this class, participants learn how to use Gelli Printing plates to create positive/negative prints and layered prints!

*This class will also be offered in another session

Class Location: Makit Takit (yarn classroom) 4750 Normal Blvd



Nicole Stevenson

In this immersive and hands-on workshop you’ll get to know the basic Canva features and how you can use them a tool for your creativity and crafty business.

We’ll cover:
Introduction to Canva: Dive into the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Canva. Learn the ropes and discover the diverse range of features that make this platform an indispensable asset for creatives.
Design Principles: Uncover the secrets behind impactful design. Explore color theory, typography, and layout techniques that will enhance the visual appeal of your creations.
Advanced Canva Techniques: Move beyond the basics and explore the advanced features of Canva. From custom animations to collaboration tools, discover how to take your designs to the next level.
Hands-On Activities: Put theory into practice with engaging hands-on activities.
Branding and Consistency: Learn how to create a cohesive and visually compelling brand identity using Canva. Understand the importance of consistency in design across various platforms.

Class Location: Residence Inn Meeting Room 5865 Boboli Lane



Sarah Haws

Sew your own souvenir pillow! Using our Bernina sewing machines, you'll be able to create your own perfect souvenir using some Nebraska-centric printed panels. 

*This class will also be offered in another session

Class Location: Makit Takit Sewing Classroom 4750 Normal Blvd