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Kickstarter Retreat

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Have you been thinking about getting your creative business launched and need some guidance? Join me on a intensive 2-day retreat where we work with a group of your peers to get your creative business the kickstart it needs.  

Want me to come to you? If you have a group of 2-6 who would like this type of guided retreat, email me at


The Kickstarter Retreat is for people who already have an idea of what they want to do. My strength is strategic planning and I guide you with specific steps to move forward. If you don't quite have an idea yet but are wanting some help, I'd suggest checking out my mentoring sessions. 


Are you already in the thick of things in your business? Consider joining an executive retreat. This is for creative business owners who have an established business and need some time away for big thinking, strategy sessions, quarterly planning, and comraderie with others in similar situations.